Pastor Jane

Hi I'm Jane Vickers Christian, Wife, mother, weirdo!! I am co pastor at Haymillscc and Playgroup leader at Haymillscc little sheep stay n play. When I was little I used to stay the weekends at my Auntie Joan's mainly to give my parents a break as I was a hyperactive handful of a child. My Auntie Joan was crippled with scoliosis but was so happy and positive because she was a born again Christian she took me to Sunday school and I loved it!! When I was a teenager I stopped going to Sunday school and expressed all my pent up anger and rage through my fashion and lifestyle as a Goth!! Although I looked scary my personality softened as I could now express myself unfortunately I went off the rails and got into some sticky situations but although I wasn't a Christian at the time felt a protective presence which I later understood was God!! In my 30s I started attending a local Baptist church thanks to them running a school holiday club and my eldest attended then asked me to take him to that church every Sunday I sat and listened and felt the presence of God and new he had been with me the whole time I just had to open my heart to him.

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