Welcome to HaymillsCC

HaymillsCC is a Protestant church freely preaching the Word of God (not following any strict liturgy.) It has a wide social media outreach, including Tasmania, Thailand, the Philippines and India.

We are WILD: Welcoming, Inclusive, Loving and Diverse.

We are located in South Yardley, Birmingham UK.



HaymillsCC Values

W welcoming to all whoever you are, wherever you are from.

  inclusive of all as much as is possible.

loving to all even if you disagree with our faith, we respect all

D  diverse, we celebrate the diversity of all human beings. 

HaymillsCC is a congregational hybrid fresh expression of church: what does that mean? We are protestant Christians living as a community of believers in Jesus. We are WILD!

Congregational means that we have church members who run the church with each having a vote in what we do led by the Holy Spirit.

Hybrid means that we are an onsite and online community who broadcast services online each week and meet onsite every other week.

Fresh Expression means that we do church a bit different to more traditional versions of church and more willing to be out of the mainstream.

The church became an independent self-governing/self-financing church 6 years ago. We are affiliated to the Congregational Federation, who give us amazing support.

If you've taken interest in our church, please feel free to access our Facebook page and other social media platforms.


Supported by and Grant Funded by: 

Awards For All National Lottery

YYNS - Neighbourhood Grants - BHAM

Benefact Trust

Stewardship - Giving Platform

Congregational Federation

Early Years Federation

National Literacy Trust

Queen Alexandra College

Warm Welcome

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