Pastor Sarah

As a child I went to church with my parents, they said they wouldn't force me to go but if I didn't they wouldn't speak to me for a week lol.  I sang in the choir, was a sever and at the age of 13 first felt the power of the Holy Spirit, but like must teenagers I thought I knew better.  I went off, got married had three children and in 2009 I became a Youth Minister at Malmesbury Abbey, in Wiltshire where I studied for my degree in Youth and Community and Practical Theology.  I now live in Scotland and following the loss of my best friend and husband I am now living my life lay preaching up here in Clydebank and having the best time working on this amazing website and serving Haymills CC in Birmingham as their Online Pastor (there is a story there but I'd need tons more space lol)!

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